What We Do

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Every brand has a unique story to tell that will keep your target audience engaged. IV Solutions is here to help you develop your brand's identity and implement it into your business in a way that is captivating, authentic, relevant, and unique to your specific industry. 

Brand Strategy

Logos + Visual Identity
Your brand is so much more than "just" a logo. Let us develop visual brand language across digital experiences that will connect with your audience and bring your brand and visions to life.
Business Collateral
Business Naming + Taglines
Our business naming process is strategic, culturally relevant, and backed by data and research. Let us help you invent a business name that will last you for generations to come,
Research + Strategy
SWOT Analysis 
Target Audience Identification
Industry Competitors
Marketing Analysis 
We pay attention, we listen, empathize, and strategize with our clients to help them develop and integrate concepts in their brand that make the most sense to their target market. Our strategies and goals are deeply rooted in realistic plans and will not leave you frustrated or overwhelmed. Let us help you get to the root of "why" your customers shop, think, and interact they way that they do. 

Website Design & Development 

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The Process
i. Scope Project
First we have a consultation to determine your business' needs, goals, and this helps us determine the scope of work needed for your project.
ii. Create The Design
Once we have a tentative plan in place our designers will then begin creating a mockup website detailing every page of your site for your review.
iii. Confirm The Design w/ Client 
Our team will then preview our designs to the client and make any revisions that are needed 
iv. Design Your Site 
Now it is time fo the fun part. We will begin developing your website and keep you, our client, in the loop of our progress every step of the way.
v. Troubleshoot
Our team will them go through and make sure all pages, links, and integrations, are working properly. 
vi. Launch Day
Once the website is approved by you and edited to your liking, it is time to launch and go live!