Branding vs. Marketing

Branding goes beyond infographics and logo designs. It answers a lot of why questions for your company because it is more often times than not how you are perceived by potential clients.

Why choose us over our competitors? Why does our company exist?

Marketing is the set of tools you use traditionally or digitally to get your brand out there. It answers the question of how.

How do we measure success of our business? How can I get results?

Branding is also there to help set you apart from your competitors, boosting morale for your team members, and assists with creating a strong connection between you and your customers. So think of your branding as long-term goals for you and your business. What is my company's mission and vision statement? Marketing in the digital era can help assist with getting a new product or service out to your target market fairly quickly. It is the how and what you will get your message heard; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Facebook and Instagram Ads, Social Media Campaigns, Traditional Ads etc. What will bring instant results? What tools will we use to get those results?

Branding is the bigger picture. It is the bread and butter to why your company does what it does. Your brand will ultimately exceed your company's physical value.   What are our company's core values? What is our voice? Marketing is the more focused. It helps communicate your brand message and voice. Marketing will evolve, change, and grow on your company's needs and position. You can also focus on smaller sectors of your target audience in marketing that support the core values (brand) of your company.  What software will we use? What sector of our target market will we tap into? Branding tells us where we are going and what direction we should head in when it comes to our business. Again, our brand serves as a purpose guide both internally for our team members and externally for our customers. What is the intention behind our goal? Are we here to serve or entertain? Marketing assists with keeping us going in the right direction. It serves as a guide in helping us reach those long-term goals (brand direction) using short-term tactics and methods. What is the deadline for this project? What is the budget for this project? Branding is the core of customer loyalty because it is how you emotionally connect with your customers. We live in a time where so many brands exists on various platforms which is why it is important to be authentic and transparent with our clients so that a true connection can be made. Why will people connect with our brand? What will make them feel inspired? Marketing helps our customers respond to these connections. It is the action behind the feeling that they get once they have made an honest connection. How can we get more leads? How can we get more people to our page? Branding is what we want our company to be in its entirety. It is the best parts of our company that we want our customers to experience every time they come to us for a product or service. What is our purpose? Who are we here to serve? Marketing is how we help our companies reach those people and solve their problems. It gives action to our purpose. It is the action plan for all of our ideals, goals, and values. What is our action plan? What is going to drive this project or campaign? Your brand is long-term, builds loyalty, creates value, and is the why to what your company does. Your Marketing is short-term, builds a response, extracts value, and is how your company will effectively convey to your target audiences why you are the best choice in the market.

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